Worshiper: How to Worship with Your Whole Life Church Kit

Worshiper: How to Worship with Your Whole Life Church Kit

Outreach and Inc.

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Release Date: August 28, 2015

Format: Mixed Media

ISBN: 9781942027232

SKU: CK1714473

Carton Quanitity: 6.5 x 9.125 x 2.75

Language: English

Hillsong UNITED continues to have a profound impact on how Christians worship. On any given Sunday, more than 50 million churchgoers around the world are singing their songs. This five-week sermon series, based on the movie Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, will take church members and visitors deeper into the ways of a worshiper. They will learn how to direct their focus and love to God, connect deeply with Him, and be transformed as they make worship a way of life. Through these topics, churches will help their
members discover that worshiping is not just something we do—a worshiper is who we are:
WEEK 1: Worship with All Your Heart
WEEK 2: Worship with All Your Soul
WEEK 3: Worship with All Your Mind
WEEK 4: Worship with All Your Strength
WEEK 5: Worship with Your Whole Life
The Kit includes:
• Resource DVD with five clips from the movie Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, the movie trailer, and a countdown clock
• 5 customizable sermons
• Campaign Planning Guide
• Web and social media graphics
• A 5-week DVD-Based Study with Leader’s Guide and Participant’s Study Guide
• PowerPoint templates and bulletin insert template
• Sample invitation tools

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