The Ultimate Life Study Guide

The Ultimate Life Study Guide

Jennifer Dion

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Release Date: October 2013

Page count: 48

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ISBN: 9781935541936

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Language: English

The Ultimate Life Study Guide is based on the powerful message of the film, The Ultimate Life. This inspiring movie delivers profound lessons to help participants discover that some things are worth more than money. The Study Guide adds practical, biblical teaching to help participants make good decisions about life’s priorities, identify what matters most in life, and learn to live from a biblical worldview.

The Ultimate Life Study Guide is part of The Ultimate Life DVD-based Study Kit. This study guide gives participants keen insights into the real “treasures” of life & will focus their attention on the following weekly biblical lesson themes:

  • Week 1: The Treasure of Thankfulness —Discover the power of a Golden List: Ten things “I’m grateful to God for.”
  • Week 2: The Treasure of Stewardship — Learn that all we have is a gift from God & manage these assets in a way that honors Him and allows us to live generously in every area of life.
  • Week 3: The Treasure of Contentment—We can experience contentment – it is a gift from God which allows our focus to be on the right priorities.
  • Week 4: The Treasure of Relationships— We all need somebody to love and believe in us. Healthy relationships with God and with family and friends are a treasure to be pursued.
  • Week 5: The Treasure of Life Purpose—Find the excitement and satisfaction of having a correct life purpose that can inspire, motivate to action, and carry us through life’s challenges.
  • Week 6: The Treasure of Leaving a Legacy—Discover how to leave a positive legacy that impacts the world and influences those you love.

The Ultimate Life Study Guide includes weekly lesson overviews, Scriptures, biblical narratives with corresponding insights, discussion and study questions, and prayers. Also included are checklists, surveys, and fill-in-the-blanks sprinkled throughout the book to help the reader apply the principles to their own lives. The Ultimate Life Study Guide and The Ultimate Life DVD-based Study will help you discover the power of living the ultimate life!


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Jennifer Dion

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