The Ultimate Life DVD-Based study

The Ultimate Life DVD-Based study

Outreach and Inc.

List price: $24.99

Release Date: October 2013

Page count: 80-96

Format: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 5.625” x 8.625” x 1.50”

ISBN: 9787935541882

Carton Quanitity: 25

Language: English

The Ultimate Life DVD-based Study is a six-to-seven week study for individuals and small groups based on the powerful message of the film, The Ultimate Life. It delivers profound lessons on the real treasures in life and gives practical, biblical teaching to help participants make good decisions about life’s priorities and identify what matters most in life to them. It will inspire them to pursue the things that are worth more than money!

The Ultimate Life DVD-based Study gives participants keen insights into living the kind of live God has planned for them and will focus their attention on the treasures of thankfulness, stewardship/generosity, contentment, relationships, purpose/priorities, and the power of a legacy.

The Ultimate Life DVD-based Study Kit includes the following components:

  • A resource DVD with poignant clips from The Ultimate Life movie to highlight six important biblical lessons
  • The Ultimate Life Study Guide has six powerful lessons for individuals and small groups and is filled with insights, discussion and study questions, Scriptures and biblical narratives, prayers, as well as checklists, surveys, and fill-in-the-blanks sprinkled throughout the book
  • A Small Group Leader’s Guide (PDF) with tips and advice for leading your small group through this inspiring and helpful study.

The biblical values and truths in this DVD-based Study will help your customers to: 1) grasp the message that God wants them to experience the ultimate life and 2) help them discover that some things are worth much more than money!

What is The Ultimate Life Movie?

When hard-driving oilman Red Stevens passed away, he left his grandson Jason a wealth of knowledge and wisdom— and a couple of billion dollars. In the ensuing years, Jason discovers the busyness of life can squelch the best intentions … no matter how much you’re worth. Between running his grandfather’s foundation, being sued by his greedy extended family, and seeing his beloved Alexia heading on an extended mission trip to Haiti, Jason’s world is unraveling. But when he discovers his grandfather’s journal, Jason is transported back to Red’s incredible world, beginning as a dirt-poor teenager leaving home to find his fortune. The ensuing decades of Red’s successes and stumbles help Jason realize he is battling the same issues his grandfather did: workload, ambition, family concerns, and life’s priorities. Will he learn that some things are more important than money? Will he discover the real treasure and blessing of relationships? With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason Stevens hopes he can be like his grandfather and live the ultimate life.

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