Reset Study Guide

Reset Study Guide

Nick Hall

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Release Date: 04/22/2016

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This guide by Nick Hall is designed to help small group participants discover Jesus as the ultimate Reset in their lives through these four topics:

  • Week 1: Reset My Heart - It All Starts Here
  • Week 2: Reset My Mind - I Am What I Think About
  • Week 3: Reset My Voice - Good News for Bad Times
  • Week 4: Reset My Hands - Soul at Peace, Hands at Work

With discussion questions, Scripture readings, and applications, group members will experience a life change as every area in their lives is touched with a fresh start and renewed faith.

About the Author

Nick Hall

Nick Hall didn’t set out to found PULSE, he set out to share the hope of Jesus on his college campus—and so many people’s lives were impacted that PULSE was founded to help keep the message spreading. As a voice to the next generation, Nick has shared the message of Jesus… Read more...