Official A.D. Study & Guidebook

Official A.D. Study & Guidebook

Outreach and Inc.

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Release Date: February 9, 2015

Format: Trade PB

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN: 9781942027140

Carton Quanitity: 52

Language: English

Based on the epic TV series event, this study and guidebook is designed to help viewers experience the action-packed journey of the first followers of Christ in the early days of the most powerful global movement in history. It includes powerful lessons from each episode, Scripture readings, relevant application sections and discussion questions to help the reader discover what the truths in the book of Acts mean for their lives today.

The Study & Guidebook is perfect for:

  • Small Group and Sunday School studies during the airing of the TV series
  • Gifts for visitors on Easter Sunday and during the series
  • Use for group discussion at A.D. viewing parties
  • Family or personal study !
  • A.D. is the epic television series event that picks up where The Bibleminiseries left off, at the resurrection of Jesus and the birth of the early Church. Airing on NBC, starting Easter Sunday, April 5, and running 12 weeks through June 21, A.D. is the perfect opportunity to invite people to your church to discover more about the stories they’re seeing on TV.

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