God’s Not Dead Student Guide

God’s Not Dead Student Guide

Outreach and Inc.

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Release Date: June 2014

Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781940203195

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Language: English

The God’s Not Dead Student Study is based on the film about faith and the stand one young man takes when asked to deny his belief in God. Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), a freshman college student, enrolls in a philosophy class known for having a tough professor. When Josh refuses to sign a paper saying “God is dead” he is challenged to defend his position that “God is alive” in a series of debates in order to stay in the class. If he loses, he flunks. When Josh accepts the challenge, he gets more than he bargained for—jeopardizing his faith, his relationships and even his future.

This kind of challenge is just one of many students will face. Their lives will be filled with questions, trials and skepticism. Their faith will be questioned and put to the test. This study will help them answer questions, develop a firm foundation and encourage them to stand for what they believe.

  • A four-week study designed to help students develop an unwavering faith and trust in God.
  • Based on the major motion picture starring Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, Dean Cain, and David A. R. White. Special appearances by Willie and Korie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) and the Newsboys.
  • Inspires students to share their views and teaches how to discuss views that are contrary to their own.
  • Delivers a strong, life-changing message about God’s faithfulness in the face of adversity.
  • Excellent for small group, youth ministry or individual use The God’s Not Dead Student Guide features easy-to-use format, weekly discussion questions, biblical insights, Scripture verses and personal follow-up devotions.

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