Why Church?

Why Church?

Outreach and Inc.

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Release Date: May 2014

Format: Trade PB

Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5

ISBN: 9781940203119

Carton Quanitity: 48

Language: English

Why Church? offers your customers a look at how the church can meet their needs and the needs of their friends and family even in today’s fast paced-culture.

We live in a day and age – and culture – in which everything is changing fast. People are sensing loss of helpful support systems that have been swept away in all the changes. They are more aware than ever of needs in their lives that aren’t being met: A need to have an anchor, to be known, to belong, to feel alive and more intimately connect with God.

Using a friendly, casual tone, this book will:

  • Guide people through the spiritual, emotional and physical benefits of being involved in a local church
  • Help visitors understand that the church is a place to grow and learn about God
  • Re-kindle a vision for the church, encouraging those who have dropped out to reconnect
  • Reminds members why the local church is not only a good idea, but a necessity in this stress- filled world we live in.

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Outreach, Inc.

Outreach, Inc.

Founded in 1996 by Scott Evans, Outreach, Inc. has quickly grown to become the largest provider of outreach products and services in North America. The company was launched with the mission of empowering Christian churches to reach their communities for Jesus Christ. Products and services are available to churches nationwide, empowering… Read more...