To Save A Life Novel
To Save A Life Novel

To Save A Life Novel

Jim & Rachel Britts

List price: $14.99

Release Date: October 2009

Page count: 320

Format: Trade PB

Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"

ISBN: 9780982374467

SKU: BK1461363

Carton Quanitity: 28

Language: English

CBA Categories: Teen / Fiction

Based on the #1 Faith-film of the year, To Save A Life, the novel is a story about the real-life challenges of teen and their choices. For anyone who has struggled with regret, loneliness or pain, it is a story of hope. For all of us, To Save A Life is a story about living a life of significance. Through Jake’s journey, readers are challenged to answer the question: What’s your life going to be about?

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* Movie release in 400 to 1000 theaters January 2010.
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* Audience rating of 9 out of 10 by over 2,000 reviewers.
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About the Author

Britts, Jim and Rachel

Jim & Rachel Britts

Husband and wife team, Jim and Rachel Britts combined their passion for impacting the lives of teenagers with their experience in film and literature to produce this stirring novel. The Britts live near the Pacific Ocean in beautiful Southern California, where Jim is a youth pastor and Rachel is a high… Read more...