To Save A Life Devo2Go
To Save A Life Devo2Go

To Save A Life Devo2Go

Jim Britts

List price: $14.99

Release Date: October 2009

Format: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 6.75" x 6.75"

ISBN: 9780982374450

SKU: CD1462868

Carton Quanitity: 40

Language: English

Inspired by the #1 Faith-Based film of the year, To Save A Life, the Devo2Go is designed to meet teens where they live - with audio downloadable to an mp3 player and web-friendly devotional content, Devo2Go includes a journal to be used in its printed form, or even online, with intuitive links to web content (coming soon). This interactive, devotional helps the listener fall in love with the Bible and develop a daily quiet time. The 36 sessions are organized by week, and are presented by a different “Guide.” Each week features six daily devotional sessions with a scripture-based lesson and questions designed to challenge and encourage listeners.

Devo2Go Guides:

  • Jim Britts: Screenwriter and youth pastor
  • David Hasz: Speaker and executive with Teen Mania
  • Zach Hunter: Teen activist and author
  • Megan Hutchinson: Veteran youth leader and author
  • Brooklyn Lindsey: Youth leader and author
  • Miles McPherson: Senior pastor and former NFL player
  • Leeland and Jack Mooring: Members of the band Leeland

About the Author

Britts, Jim

Jim Britts

Jim is the author of To Save a Life. He is passionate about working with teens, and for the last ten years Jim has been the pastor of the Souled Out youth ministry at New Song Community Church. (You can see Jim’s church, home beach, and cool black Jeep in the… Read more...