The Grace Card Study Guide
The Grace Card Study Guide

The Grace Card Study Guide

Discover the Power of Giving and Receiving Grace

Lynn Holmes and Jennifer Dion

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Release Date: 2/1/11

Page count: 80

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ISBN: 9781935541417

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Language: English

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About the Author

Lynn Holmes

Lynn Holmes became Senior Pastor of Calvary Church of the Nazarene in Cordova, Tennessee in 1996, after serving churches in Alabama, Texas, and Oklahoma. “A grace preacher,” Pastor Lynn recognizes we all have needs and room for improvement, which is why Christ died for us—to allow us to victoriously deal with… Read more...
Dion, Jennifer

Jennifer Dion

Jennifer is the Director of Product Development at Outreach and does a lot of editing and writing for new books, church-wide campaign and small group curriculum. As a long-time fan of books, she loves working in the publishing industry. Jennifer has a background in marketing, with a bachelor’s degree and MBA.… Read more...