Life Choices Student Guide
Life Choices Student Guide

Life Choices Student Guide

Trusting GOD In Life’s Decisions and Challenges

Jim Britts

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Release Date: July 2010

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Which path will your teens choose?Life can be tough?especially for teenagers. Critical issues like peer pressure, sexual temptation, family conflicts and lukewarm faith can detour even those with the best intentions. Help teens make good decisions with Life Choices.

This five-week study will help teens deal with issues like peer pressure, sexual tempation and family issues. The weekly sessions encourage interaction and discussion between group members and include weekly discussion questions and daily devotions. Every group member will need a Student Guide.

About the Author

Britts, Jim

Jim Britts

Jim is the author of To Save a Life. He is passionate about working with teens, and for the last ten years Jim has been the pastor of the Souled Out youth ministry at New Song Community Church. (You can see Jim’s church, home beach, and cool black Jeep in the… Read more...